केन्द्रीय विद्यालय रेलवे गांधीधाम/ KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA RAILWAY
Behind Hotel Bansal, Gandhidham, Kutch (Gujrat)
LIST OF COMMITTEES (Session 2017-18)
समस्त विद्यालय सदस्य,विद्यालय के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में होने वाले कार्यो के निपटान हेतु, निम्न कमेटियों का गठन किया जा रहा है। सभी सदस्यो से अनुरोध है कि वे अपने विभाग को देखने के साथ ही साथ अपने अन्य सह-कर्मियो को भी अपना मूल्यवान सहयोग देंगे जिससे विद्यालय की पूर्णरूप से प्रगति होगी। आशा है कि सभी सदस्य विद्यालय के विकास में सहयोग करेंगे।
धन्यवाद सहित   
Sno Committee Responsibilities and duties Convener (I/C) Sign Members Sign
1 Academic Advisory
To guide, suggest and chalk out all action plan for academic and co – curricular activities. AAC will function as advisory board for Vidyalaya activities. To plan and implement the Split-up of syllabus subject wise and class wise and check the monthly completion of syllabus. To identify weak students and prepare action plan for their improvement. To monitor the special time-table during all holidays, breaks (Autumn & Winter). Any other related work to academics.  Mr. Ashish Akhiya   All teachers teacing class X and XII  
2 Examination (Home) To plan the schedule of Unit Test, Cumulative Examination, Pre-Board and Annual Exams as per the calendar of activities.
To ensure the evaluation of Internal Assessment and grading of Scholastic & co-scholastic subjects as per the instructions of CBSE/KVS.
To give suitable instructions to class teachers for maintaining all the relevant records.
Mr. Ashish Akhiya   Ms. Shikha Agarwal
Mrs. Dipti Pandya
Mr. M.M. Solanki
3 Examination
To conduct Board Exam as per CBSE guidelines and also to give suitable instructions for carrying out Internal Assessment and maintain records.
Online registration, feeding of marks and grades for class X students as per CBSE date sheet of activities.
Getting approval of students admitted in class X/XII with consultation of ADM I/C.
Helping to CS and conduting CBSE main exams in the Vidyalaya as CBSE Center.
Mr. Bhagirath Ram   Mr. Rajkumar Ghasia
Ms. Shikha Agarwal
Mr. Tushar I Solanki
4 Time Table
& Arrangement of teachers
To prepare & execute time table as per the norms.
To make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies.
To desion workable & suitable assignments/ remedial timetable.
To make arrangement for classes suitably as per requirement.
To prepare day to day substitution with precision and care to ensure effective engagement of the classes to avoid unwanted movement of the students
Mr. Bhagirath Ram   Mr. Rajendra K
Mrs. Dipti Pandya
5 CCA/ PS/
Organize Inter House competitions effectively and to celebrate all the days of National Importance / Occasions with the assistance of House Masters and other experts in a planned manner.
To activate the conduct of morning assembly.
Mrs. Mridula (I/C)
Ms. Chhaya
  Mr. Lalita sharma (Blue)
Ms. Shikha Agarwal  (Green)
Ms. Pooja Chaturvedi (Red)
Mrs. Anjali Sharma (Yellow)
6 Furniture To ensure all furniture bear serial numbers and the year of purchase.
To ensure the adequacy and suitability of furniture in all the class rooms, including repair of furniture as per the rules.
Mr. Tushar Solanki   Mrs. Manjlesh
Mr. D.R.Raval
7 S & G To enroll Scouts & Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls and to organize testing camps, troop meetings as per the Annual Schedule of activities prepared at unit level in light of APRO. Ms.Chhaya Parmar   Mrs. Sudha Mehta TGt (Hindi)
Ms. Raksha Thakkar (PGT Math)
8 Maintenance and Repair
School Premises
To carry out maintenance & repair work of buildings including toilets, surroundings and play field. Mrs. Girija   Mrs. Manjlesh Meena
Mr. Chhaya Parmar
Mr. Rajendra B
9 Maintenance and Repair of School Quarters To carry out maintenance & repair work of staff quarters and proper utilization of fund received from KVS HQ/RO for staff qtrs.  Mrs. Manjlesh Meena   Mr. Rajendra Kumar
Mr. Chhaya Parmar
Mr. Rajendra Badgoti
10 Beautification of School Campus / Cleanliness of Vidyalaya/  Health  Hygiene To monitor the work effectively, to improve gardening by providing all required materials from time to time.
To take care and maintain the beautification in all the areas of the Vidyalaya from time to time.
Mrs. Manjlesh    Mrs. Anjali Sharma
Mrs. Lalita Sharma
Mr. M.M. Solanki
11 Computer &
TAL Room
To ensure all the labs in working condition with the broadband / Land connectivity for carrying out Computer Literacy classes with the assistance of computer instructors and to submit monthly updates to the office. Mr. Dipti Pandya   Mrs. Girija
Mr. Rajendra Badgoti
Mrs. Shilpa Acharya
12 School
To check out and implement Annual plan for outing of the students as per the codel provisions in consultation with the class teachers/ Principal Mr. Rajendra kumar   Mrs. Mridula Minhas
Ms. Pooja Chaturvedi
Mrs. Vimlesh Yadav
13 Library To procure text books and reference books recommended by CBSE as per the recommendation of faculty members.
To organize class Library and to present book review.
To assist Primary wing in Library activities in light of CMP
Mr. Rajkumar Ghasia   Mr. Ashish Akhiya
Mr. Bhagirath Ram
Mrs. Pratibha C Mehta
14 Sports and
To practice yoga daily during the morning assembly to the students. Identify the talented students participating at the Cluster, Regional and National Level Games in the first week of April in order to give them special training by the coaches with her involvement and to maintain record. Also to maintain discilpline in the Vidyalaya. Mr. Rajendra Kr   Mr. Tushar
Mrs. Sunita Jaluthariya
Mrs. Rachna
15 AV Aids &
Musical Instruments
A.V. Room to be well equipped with workable LCD, OHP etc. for ensuring TAL/CAL is undertaken by the teachers by maintaining a Register in the A.V.Room Mr. Tushar   Mrs. Girija
Mrs. Teena Sindal
16 Science Labs To make an arrangement for procuring the materials for Science Laboratories. To maintain the laboratories for students use, update the stock. To conduct practical / projects etc as per syllabus and to check practical records regularly. To prepare students and to organize K.V. cluster level / regional level /National level science exhibition. To train children for various competitions. Any other related work. Mrs. Uzma Khan I/C   Mrs. Rachna (Phy Lab)
Mrs. Renu Pal (Chem Lab)
Ms. Lalita (Bio lab)
Mrs.Shilpa Acharya (Comp Lab)
Ms. Shikha Agarwal
Mr. D.R. Rawal
17 Teaching Aids Proper maintenance of the teaching aids.
Purchase of teaching aids as per the requirements of the new syllabus. To facilitate teachers using all the teaching aids in their class room teaching.
Mrs. Mridula    Mrs. Poonam Butani
Mrs. Pratibha Mehta
18 Engagement of
Part Time Teachers
(Contractual Teachers)
To help in conducting interview/ finalizing contractual teachers as per rules. To verify the attendance of teachers for preparation of their salary. Mr. Ashish Akhiya   Mrs. Girija Sharma
Ms. Chhaya Parmar
Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya
19 First Aid To provide first aid to students in case of Emergency. Mr. Rajendra Kr   Mrs. Pratibha
Mrs. Sunita jaluthariya
20 Steering Committee for
all occasions/ functions & activity
  Principal, PGTs, TGTs,
21 Vidyalaya Patrika and
Student Diary
To prepare and finalise Student diary and Vidyalaya Magazine. Mr. R K Ghasia
Mr. Ashish Akhiya
Mr. Bhagirath
  Mrs. Mridula Minhas
Mrs. Manjlesh Meena
Mrs. Sudha Mehta
Student Captains
22 Discipline
To ensure the congenial atmosphere by maintaining gentle movement of students and dealing the cases of indiscipline of students if any. Mr. Rajendra Kr (Overall I/C)
Mr. Ashish Akhiya
Mrs. Mridula
Mr.Bhagirath Ram
Ms. Chhaya
  All teachers
Boys Student Captain

Girl Student Captain 
23 Subject
To conduct subject committee every month and review of last meeting. Discuss and plan for the betterment of students in their subjects. Eng - Mr. Ashish
Hindi - Mr. RK Ghasia
Science - Mrs. Uzma
Commerce - PGT(Comm)
Maths - PGT (Maths)
  Related subject teachers who are taking concern subjects. (PGTs, TGTs, PRTs)  
24 Science Olympiad
(SOF etc) 
To conduct SOF activities as per their date sheet. Mrs. Lalita Sharma   Cyber - Mrs. Shilpa Acharya
Sci - Mrs. Renu Pal
Maths - Ms. Raksha Thakkar
Eng - Mrs. Poonam Butani
25 Maths
Olympiads (JMO)
To conduct JMO activities as per KVS HQ/RO instructions. Ms. Raksha Thakkar
PGT - Maths
  TGT (Maths)  
26 Morning
To monitor day to day morning assembly programme effectively and ensure befitting presentation on all fronts on time. Mr. Rajendra Kr I/C
Mr. Tushar
Mrs. Girija
  CCA  I/C  
27 Primary Resource Room & CMP Utilization of PRC in effective way for primary students. Mrs. Pratibha Mehta   all PRTs  
28 Admission To scrutinize the registration forms for admission and carry out the process as per the KVS ADM guidelines 2015-16 in consultation with the Principal. Also to enter details in SR with proper attestation of Principal. Mr. R K Ghasia   Mr. Bhagirath Ram
Mrs. Girija sharma
Ms. Chhaya
29 NAEP Program Data to be filled in the relevant records every month and submit to the office. Mrs. Mridula Minhas   Ms. Shikha Agarwal  
30 Purchase
Work is to suggest purchase of required items for the improvement of school and prepare comparative of quotations. Mr. Ashish Akhiya   Mrs. Girija Sharma
Mrs. Mridula
Mr. Tushar
Mrs. Dipti Pandya
31 RTI
To prepare data and reply of RTI application received. Principal (PIO)   Mr. Ashish Akhiya (APIO)  
32 SC/ ST
To take care of rights and facilities of the persons. Mrs. Manjlesh (I/C)   Mr. Tushar
Ms. Chhaya
Mr. Rajendra Badgoti
33 Outsourcing
To monitor the services of security and cleanliness in consultation with the agencies concerned. Maintain daily attendance register and to help in preparing their wages Mr. Rajendra Kumar   Mr. Ashish Akhiya
Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya
Mr. D.R. Rawal
Mr. Rajendra Badgoti
34 Rajbhasha To conduct quarterly meetings of Rajbhasha and to submit quarterly/ half yearly reports to the Regional Office Mr. R K Ghasia   Mr. Bhagirath
Mrs. Pratibha
Mrs. Sudha Mehta
Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya
35 Nature/
Science Club
To make the Vidyalaya atmosphere naturally. Mrs. Rachana
PGT - (Physics)
  Ms. Shikha Agarwal
Mrs. Manjlesh Meena
36 Guidance & Councelling
& Tobacco Control
To guide the students for their carrer. To discourage use of tobacco in the premises. Mrs. Lalita Sharma
PGT - (Bio)
  Mrs. Pratibha mehta
Mr. Tushar
37 Pay Bill &
To prepare and upload Pay Bill. Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya
(Prepare n Uploading)
  PGT- Maths
Mrs. Girija Sharma (Checker)
Ms. Chhaya Parmar
38 TDS Work
(Form 16 etc)
To prepare Form 16 for the session as per Income Tax rules and regulations with consultation of the employee. Mr. Dinesh
  Mrs. Dipti Pandya
Ms. Chhaya Parmar
39 Online fee collection To help teachers in feeding online details of the students. To monitor feeding/ deletion of all students in the portal and to prepare challan for all quarters. Mr. R K Ghasia
Mrs. Dipti
  All class teachers
Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya
40 Press Publication &
In charges of school magazine and any other issues related to publication.
To maintain Album covering all activities
To display all the coverage of all occasions
Mr. Rajendra Kumar   Mrs. Manjlesh
Mr. Tushar
41 Water
To ensure cleanliness of RO plant and availability of water in the Vidyalaya. Mrs. Manjlesh Meena   Mrs. Girija
Mr. Rajendra B
42 Grievence
To help and support the complainer.  Principal   Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya
Mr. Ashish Akhiya
43 PTA To checkout Annual Plan of meetings and to maintain minutes and records of such meetings. Mr. Ashish Akhiya   All class teachers  
44 C.C.E. Continous Comprehensive Evaluation To monitor and plan as per CBSE/ KVS HQ, RO
& Result Preperation.
Exam I/C

  All teachers teaching from class III - X.  
45 Overall
Office I/C
To maintain all records of the Vidyalaya. Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya   Mrs.Girija Sharma  
46 Email
To maintain all records of the Vidyalaya Emails and to reply. PGT- Computer
  Mr. Dinesh Jaluthariya  
47 Website
To maintain school website. PGT- Computer
  Mr. R K Ghasia
1. All the I/Cs, Asst I/Cs and members of the various departments/ committees are requested to prepare a complete action plan for the session 2017-18 as per allotment given and submit a copy to the Principal  by the end of June for record without fail.

2. All the In-charge, Asst, In-charge and members of the various departments / committees will be fully responsible for maintaining the assigned duties activities and prescribed programme. In case of any difficulty, undersigned must be contacted.

3. All the in – charge, Asst, In-charges and members of the various departments/committees are free to take their own decision to achieve excellence in activities, if necessary, they can contact the Principal.

4. All the In-charges, Asst in-charges and members of the concerned departments/committees will have to work on full – fledged manner. When In charge is on leave etc. Asst. In-charges of the concerned departments must be available on duty and vice versa.

5. Please put your efforts to discharge all the responsibilities in time and with a creative and effective manner. Undersigned is always ready to help and assist you all as per your requirement. Undersigned has full confidence on you about having sufficient ability and potentiality to carry out the assigned responsibilities. Please utilize your talent for the betterment of the Vidyalaya and students.